Some useful information from Pathway Tutorial College

Your child's education is important, so for this reason you need to ensure that you are taking the right steps if you are considering private tuition. Here is some help and guidance:

  • Make sure that all staff/tutors are correct qualified for the position
  • Group sizes shouldn't be too large so you child can get the attention they need.
  • Ask for a copy of the course criteria or programmes so you can make a comparison.
  • Location is important, so look local!
  • Finally, should you need any help please feel free to get in touch, or we could send you an information pack, so you can make an informed choice.


FREE pack available   P.E.A.S programme   B.E.A.T.S & G.E.T programme   P.I.E.S programme

Free information pack containing a selection of programmes on offer is available, as well as background info ration on our organisation

The Pathway Examination Attainment Skills programme is offered over the Spring and Summer terms of the academic year.

An alternative to the more intense P.E.A.S programme are the Building Examination And Theory Skills programme for 11+ and the GCSE Exam & Theory programme for GCSE core subjects.

The Pathway Intensive Examination Skills programmes offer an intensive exam focused revision approach and are designed to give you that ultimate boost towards enhancing your exam performance skills and knowledge.

Please check back soon for information videos about the College, as well as the wide selection of Programmes available. Pathway Tutorial College is committed to providing the best levels of education after school.